Our boys in repose/transit: James Driscoll, Rich Martin, Don Cento

For just a moment, you are stranded in an elevator with the least-popular members of T-Rex, The Carpenters and The Kinks, along with George Jones’ hairpiece. The elevator shudders somewhere between the mezzanine and rooftop grotto, and suddenly you are rocketed skyward by the excruciatingly serene tones of Shibboleth. Forty-five minutes later the bell dings and you’re on your way back to the lobby.

In 2017 we had the honor of performing in KUTX Studio 1A with John Aielli. Check it out here.

Experiment in Error

2008 - Idol Records

”Quixotically exotic, at once conjuring Duane & eddy, Bert and Ernie and Ennio Morricone, Shibboleth's existentialelevator music rocks. Here's hoping we get stuck between floors“ Modern Luxury Dallas
“Shibboleth are smart, cosmopolitan and gloriously un-hip” Spendidzine


2003 - Self-Released



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